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Katkin provides certified food and beverage safety education
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The Katkin Difference



Certification is only the beginning of what a Katkin education delivers. Our instructors actively engage participants throughout the duration of each class with interactive demonstrations and opportunities to ask questions and get answers.



Certified ServSafe® Instructors


Katkin instructors meet all requirements for ServSafe® certification (among others), and we offer lessons taught in English, Spanish and Chinese to help participants learn best in their preferred language.





With an open class offering across a variety of locations, you’re sure to find a class to suit your schedule. If not, we’re happy to travel to your location for a private class.





Manage Your Team & Certifications


Keeping track of all the certifications for your team can be a daunting challenge, but Katkin is here to help. All Katkin training, whether completed online, in-person or through private instruction, is kept on file.



In-Person Classes


While we offer online classes, our in-person classes offer an opportunity for Q&A with real-life scenario driven discussions and higher than average first-time pass rates.




Ongoing Education


Katkin has expanded course offerings to help keep your team's skills sharp between certification requirements. Ensure your team's knowledge and skills stay sharp long after they've passed their examinations.



Food Safety Classes

We offer a variety of food safety courses suitable for various industries, including but not limited to hospitality, restaurants, healthcare, food service providers, schools, grocery and convenience stores.

Food Handlers

$10 / person


Learn how to safely handle food to prevent contamination and cross-contamination, and learn the importance of time and temperature control, personal hygiene, cleaning, sanitizing and more. This 2-hour class and exam meet Illinois requirements for safe food handling.



online course / exam


Online Course / Exam (IL)


Online course / Exam (ESP)


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$145 / person


Katkin’s team of certified instructors will engage your managers while covering food safety, regulations, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment. Managers will leave understanding that handling food correctly is not only the law; it improves safety and lowers costs as well. This course meets most health department requirements including IL FSSMC.



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Online course & proctered exam


$20 / person


Working as a bartender, server, host, busser, valet, bouncer? This course and exam are intended for all front-of-house staff and will teach you to effectively and safely handle all situations in your business. This 2-5 hour class meets the Illinois BASSET requirement and is recommended for anyone serving alcohol.


online course / exam


Online Course / Exam (IL)


Online course / Exam (ESP)


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$29 / person


This class will address how to effectively lead a food and beverage crew, both for front- and back-of-house. Learn how to identify leaders among your staff, and give them the tools they need to run a successful team.



kitchen ranger boot camp


ceo of you


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$50 / person


Learn tangible ways to address food safety through the analysis and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. Includes exam and certification.



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$22 / person


This course will teach you about the most common food allergies, how to recognize symptoms and identify allergens. Attendees will learn about the dangers of cross-contact and proper cleaning methods in this 2-hour class and exam.




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Can't find the course you're looking for?  Katkin offers additional food and beverage safety courses.


TIPS Alcohol

$40 / person


Rest easy knowing your team will learn the skills that will ensure guest safety throughout your organization. With our TIPS certified curriculum and instructors, Katkin offers private classes conducted at any one of our properties. Your team will engage in the critical aspects of Alcohol Safety resulting in successful certification and improved on-the-job performance.


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Missouri Restaurant Association


"Sarah was fantastic. She was thorough, engaging and brought personality to a normal (in my experience) boring class. I had myself and three employees in the class and will be signing more up through this company in the future!"



- Rob Steen, Dairy Queen

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